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Is your fine limp hair getting to you? Do you just wish that you could just have hair that’s a little thicker?



A set of clip in hair extensions is the great way to add everyday thickness to your hair as you can place these extensions in between the layers of your hair for that boost of voluminous thickness you’ve always been yearning after. Clip in hair extensions will give you the versatility you need when it comes to styling the hair for the day or night.

Human hair extensions will blend the most subtly in your hair while having the option to style the hair as if it were your own by either washing, dying or curling and straightening the hair with hot tools.


Hair Extensions On A Wire 

A hair extension on a wire is the most effortless way to get thicker hair. The nifty hair extension unit can be placed with ease into the hair and in a matter of seconds your hair will appear instantly thick and luscious.

All of our hair extensions on wire units are adorned to a transparent wire which you place on the crown of the head, pulling your natural hair up and over the weft and wire. Secure and undetectable the hair extension on a wire unit will give your hair a boost of volume and length. 



Our range of ¾ hair pieces and half wigs are the effortless way to go for instant glamour as they are able to seamlessly blend with your natural hair so that you can create visually captivating hairstyles like statement quiffs and beehives.


Weaves/ Weft Hair Extensions

If your hair lacks volume, weaves are the perfect semi-permanent solution that your qualified professional might advise you can be applied to give you additional volume.

 Weaves can be professionally sewn into the hair in a variety of ways and are one of the oldest methods of applying hair extensions solutions. Whether you’re looking for a style overhaul or to fine tune and give you hair an extra boost, weaves can cater to a magnitude of hair thickening needs. Seek professional advice before buying wefts for weaving.




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